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September Singles Update

Hello and welcome to another singles round up. Here are three more releases worthy of your attention. One is a download from the ‘Tradition Man’ Robert Dallas, the second is an excellent roots reissue called ‘Looking For Signs’ and last but not least is a more contemporary release from new label Forward Fever celebrating sound system culture.

Robert Dallas – Worries & Problems

First up we have a new downloadable track from Robert Dallas called ‘Worries & Problems’. This I believe is Robert’s first release since his critically acclaimed album ‘Tradition Man’, you can read my review here. Robert’s songs always having meaning and purpose and this track is no different. The track highlights the violence and murder amongst some of the youth of today, and particularly how the devastating effects bring heartache to their families. The strong message of ‘stop the violence’ is wrapped up in a nice roots melody, nice riddim and the cool guitar riff gives it an edgy feel that the subject matter demands.

The track is available to hear and buy from Robert’s bandcamp site, support society and support the message!


Albert Malawi

Albert Malawi – Looking For Signs / Dub – Brigadier Jerry – Conscious Time / Dub (Tafari / Jah Fingers) UK 12″

‘Looking for Signs’ is a reissue of a classic Albert Malawi 7″ single from 1978.  Drummer, vocalist and selector Albert Malawi was another young West Indian that benefitted from schooling at the famous Alpha Boys School. He went on to feature on many excellent singles and Looking For Signs is a great example of his work.

The track is a purposeful roots number featuring a nice steppas riddim, beautifully expressive horns and Albert’s underrated voice. Albert is a new artist on me and he is definitely someone I am going to look into further. Although primarily known as a drummer, he has an excellent voice which suits roots music perfectly. Have a listen for yourself on SoundCloud.

The track is reissued by Jah Fingers and Supertone Records and is available from all good reggae retailers. Pick this one up while you can as I don’t think it will be around for long.

Forward Fever – Musical Order 12″

A-1 – Musical Order – Idren Natural ( P.Dosanjh)
A-2 – Rocking Time – Ras Cloud & Ion One (C.Buidin & H.Axters)
B-1 – To The Max! – Rudy Roots ( M.Derudder)
B-2 – Dub Order – Forward Fever (A.Dello)

This new release from Belgium based label Forward Fever, features four tracks of contemporary steppas reggae. First track ‘Musical Order’ is sound system manna, it’s full of energy and you can’t help yourself moving to the lively beat. ‘Rocking Time’ and ‘To The Max’ give us more serious interpretations. They retain the same top notch riddim, but the vocalists give us enough different styles to keep the tracks individual and interesting. Final track is the dub and features some accomplished production and effects twiddling from Angelo Dello.

It’s a good single and expect to hear it soon at your local sounds evening, it’s ideal from for stomping around on the dancefloor. The single is available as a 12″ and digital download from the Forward Fever bandcamp site.

Hope this piece brings some new music to your attention, let me know in the comments what you think, a social media share is, as always, most welcome. Bless, Paper Lion.


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