Reggae Roots Review singles update
19th September 2016

Reggae Singles Update

Reggae Singles Update

Whoever said vinyl was in decline was certainly not on the other end of my inbox. So much music is coming out, different styles and different takes on this music we love called reggae. So in order to keep up you up to date with some of the more notable releases, here is the first in a regular feature called the ‘new singles update’, snappy title I know!

The first four titles featured here cover dub, roots and a more commercial modern sound, all valid and all good stuff. I hope you like what you read and hear and will support the releases.

Indica Dubs – Marching to Zion / Dub Temple

Indica Dubs - Marching to ZionFirst up we have ‘Marching to Zion’ available on 7” and digital download from prolific London label Indica Dubs. Sukh from Indica has come up with another gem, it’s my favourite release from the label.

The tune is a lively digi number, all the instruments calling out in unison, gathering followers for the march to Zion. You can imagine a biblical procession of musicians, horns blaring, drums beating, angelic voices calling out. It’s an excellent tune which I can see becoming a sound system staple due to it being so danceable. The B-side ‘Dub Temple’ adds a bit of weight with the echoes, the reverb, effects and enough bass to satisfy hardened dubheads.

You can pick this one up now at the Indica Dubs bandcamp site and all good retailers. If you are not familiar with the label check out their other releases, it’s all good quality stuff.

DubMarta – Revolution / Revolution Dub

DubMarta - RevolutionNext up we have ‘Revolution’ by DubMarta aka Italian born Marta Riccardi. Marta is a bass playing singer songwriter. She writes and arranges her own music, describing it as a mix of Dub, Reggae, Soul, Funk and Electronica and regularly performs it live with a five-piece band.

This digital download is out now and has a sound that takes you back to England in the late 70s early 80s. This lovely laid back rootsy number reminds me a bit of a slowed down take on Aswad’s Warrior Charge, maybe it’s that distinctive horn sound. It’s always good to see more women getting involved in the reggae scene, particular as writers, and these tracks are a great showcase for her song writing.

You can buy these two tracks from Marta’s bandcamp site for only £2, less than the cost of a cup of coffee! If you love your roots then buy these and help support a talented up and coming artist.

Lighta Soundboy – Almighty is Jah Jah EP

This single hit my inbox recently out of the blue and here at Reggae Roots Review I am always looking to help as many artists as possible with a little promotion. It’s perhaps more modern and glossy than the material I usually feature, but it’s a catchy little track with a strong positive message.Lighta Soundboy - Almighty Is Jah Jah

Lighta Soundboy is an artist, producer and DJ. He started making music as a kid, when listening to records and trying to learn how to play along on a guitar. Soon, he began to deejay, which led him to write lyrics and also to music production. This is the first track from his forthcoming ‘Almighty is Jah Jah EP’ release. It is an expertly produced and well written song. I love the beautiful if not slightly melancholic piano. Despite the production being modern, the message is traditional, trust in Jah he will guide you!

Check out the very slick video here and you can buy the tracks at the Lighta Soundboy website. This guy is set for big things…..

Vibescreator Records – David OneAway, Jah Glory / Mighty Massa, Glory Dub

VibesCreator - Jah GloryLastly in this quick roundup is Jah Glory which is the sixth release on Vibescreator Records, a label owned by Flo and Simon from the Nyabin Sound System in France. You may remember their Ranking Fox release, Behold which I reviewed some time ago. ‘Jah Glory’ features vocals from David OneAway and was mixed and composed by Mighty Massa with Ras Kush on production duties.

This release is a good example of what can be achieved with a talented network of friends and contacts. To cut a long story short, Flo met Ras Kush in London via some friends, David OneAway came into the fold when Flo visited Ras Kush in New York and once Ras Kush played Mighty Massa’s version of the track then all fell into place and ‘Jah Glory’ was ready. This international collaboration is common in reggae as you all know, the music certainly has no barriers and with the internet acting as facilitator it is amazing what can be created.

‘Jah Glory’ is an urgent sounding track which bops along at quite a rate. David OneAways’s vocal style is very distinctive, he has a serious voice which matches this edgy tune. The lyrics cover similar ground to the Lighta Soundboy single, praise the king of kings! You can hear some samples of ‘Jah Glory’ at SoundCloud and this vinyl only release is in the shops now.

There we have it, four recent releases all worthy of your attention, all a little bit different but all great showcases for talented artists, writes, musicians and producers.

I hope you liked this canter through some recent releases, let me know in the comments what you thought. A Facebook share would also be much appreciated as most of my audience comes from social media. Bless, Paper Lion.

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