Lo Fi Showcase Part 3 LP

Horus Records – Lo Fi Showcase Part 3
LP and Digital Download – Out Now

I have been a big fan of Horus Records for some time, their single ‘Far As I Can See’ was what first drew me into their rootsy, dub sound. The melancholic, world-weary vocal performance from City Culture really struck a chord with me. Perhaps it was my ‘goth’ roots, but give me something in a minor key and I am happy. The follow-up single ‘Righteous Day’ featuring Shaka Black, who is featured on this album, was much in demand and it’s fair to say that this was their breakout single. Both releases established the Horus signature production sound and showcased the talented label owners Will and Ben.

This summer sees their new release and debut full length album, ‘Lo Fi Showcase Part 3’. The ten tracks features mostly original compositions and some accompanying dubs. It must be pointed out that the LP is strictly their own productions, with all tracks written and engineered by the boys and cut to tape at their own Arch studio in Tottenham, London.

Step To It

First track ‘Step To It’ is a nice rootsy number with vocals by Winston Reedy. It has strains of Bob Marley, rhythmically upbeat, with a nice use of keyboards to contribute to the uplifting message. It is a very cool summary, catchy tune. Third track featuring Shaka Black on vocals slows things down, but still retains the upliHorus Records - Righteous Dayfting message of personal redemption. Both opening tracks are talking about self-help, no one is better placed to improve your life than yourself! ‘Pick Myself Up’ continues with that 70s rootsy production sound, how they do it I don’t know, but Will and Ben know how to tap into 70s Kingston.

Nichola Richards

Track five ‘Going Back Where I Belong’ (originally sung by American RnB singer Sugar Pie DeSanto in 1960) featuring the beautiful, soulful voice of Nichola Richards feels like a companion to the ‘Far As I Can See’ track I mentioned earlier. It sounds like the same story from a female perspective, a sad break up between two soul mates. Both now have to find their own paths. This one is a lovely track with a very bluesy feel to it, have a listen to the horn solo it melts your heart!

My favourite tracks are the final two ‘Only Jah Jah Know’ and it’s dub with vocals from David Jahson. These two tracks complete this album’s journey, a final redemption, finding the path to Jah. That is what every good roots album should be, tracks that chart our path through life and the problems we all face. We don’t all find the answer, but this album does suggest that there is one if we believe.

The album is available to buy now on LP and download from The Horus Records Bandcamp site. If you only buy one album this year make it ‘Lo Fi Showcase Part 3’, it’s a great listen and you will be supporting the next stage in the Will and Ben story. They are collecting a terrific back catalogue of tunes, can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

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  1. Hey,

    “Far as I can see” was released by Horus Reccords but is a production of Al Breadwinner.
    The first own production release was “Make Haste” with Ronnie Davis, then the Shaka Black Single followed.


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