EarlyDays Records

Earlydays Records – Flames for the Wicked Men 12″
A side, Pinchers – Flames for the Wicked Men + Version
AA side, Robert Ffrench – Cashflow + Melodicat Dub Version

I am sure that you have spotted the strong imagery of Earlydays Records on your travels. Their distinctive cat logo crops up on my Facebook feed every so often and with the imminent release of their 12″ single Flames for the Wicked Men, it seems like the ideal time to delve a bit deeper into Earlydays Records.

Pierre Marchal

The label is run by Pierre Marchal from Gambais in France and this new release featuring veteran reggae stars Pinchers and Robert Ffrench is the fifth on the label. If you have read any of my previous articles you will know I do like to understand a little about the guys and girls who run record labels. I find it fascinating to know what motivates people to leave their comfort zone and jump into the business. Pierre was kind enough to share with me a little of his background, how he got into reggae and his early steps into the business. Pierre started by explaining his early influences, ‘I started listening to reggae music classics when I was a little child, from my mother, I didn’t even knew that it was reggae, I was about 8 years old. Then when I grew up I started stealing her tapes and copy them and play them in my room with friends, I soon started to buy records and cd’s to complete the knowledge of this music. From that I started to make some mixtapes to friends who enjoyed reggae.’

It sounded like it was nice to have that early grounding in reggae music and if you had parents who were into music, you will probably understand how some of their tastes rub off on you. I will blow any little credibility I have here, I grew up on a diet of Neil Diamond and never quite shook that off! Next step in Pierre’s journey was meeting up with some like minded people. ‘After the years, I met in 98/99 Poffy Dread from the Sound Earlydays and we became good friends as we were both collecting records, he had his sound with Colonell Maxwell, Wooz, from that time I started following the crew by collecting records as I always been traveling to the US and UK since a kid and cutting few dubplates.’

Earlydays Records

In 2013 it was time for Pierre to go solo and it sounds like a labour of love was born, ‘I started my own label as Earlydays Records and started producing my favourite artists I been listening since decades like Michael Palmer, Trevor Junior, Cocoa Tea, Admiral Tibett, Lt Stitchie, Pinchers and Robert Ffrench.’ This makes perfect sense to me and seems a bit of a dream to be able to work with artists who you collected and listened to over the years.

So the new single, what is it like? I am not that familiar with the music of Pinchers and Robert Ffrench, it’s perhaps more ‘modern’ than the reggae I tend to listen to, but I do like this single a lot. It has an 80s feel to it that makes me feel quite nostalgic. I particularly like the Robert Ffrench version, he has a great voice and the gentle melodic sounds make it a very nice listen. It has a chorus that I guarantee you will be singing! Robert Ffrench is someone I will definitely investigate further. Credit also to the great riddim made and mixed by Cisko at Guardian House Studio in France.

This is another top single to support, you can listen to some clips below. Flames for the Wicked Men is out now on 12″ from Jah Waggys and all good retailers.

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