Musical Warryahs - King Steppa

Musical Warryahs – King Steppa 12″
1.King Steppa, 2. King Dub

Released back in June, this 12″ single by Musical Warryahs is a lovely piece of hypnotic steppas reggae. Based in Rennes, France, Musical Warryahs is made up of multi-instrumentalists and sound engineers, Corpo Warrior and Cody Jahrett. They write, play and mix all their own music, with the commendable philosophy of ‘Sound comes from di heart’. You can hear those words echoing in this production, the two tracks are brimming with soul and passion.

The tracks are uplifting instrumentals, multi-layered with melodica, echoey effects and fiddly keyboard bits. They are beautifully crafted, genuine skilled musicians tracks. I am always in awe of people who can create music like this, respect to Corpo and Cody for their righteous work!

King Steppa is limited to only 100 copies and is available at discogs. It’s not cheap and you may need deep pockets for this one, but it is one of those tunes that will nag away until you buy it.

Have a listen below at the clip and let me know what you think in the comments, it is always good to hear from my readers. Bless, Paper Lion.


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  1. Nous sommes en 2016 et pleins de choses reste encore a faire, creation de label, premiere sortie vinyl, agrandissement de la sono feel di vibes. Toutes ces annees nous aurons montre que les differences d energie nous relie tous en une passion commune, REGGAE MUSIC !


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