Strictly Dub Records - Earl Sixteen, Righteous Groove

Strictly Dub Records – Righteous Groove 7″

Earl Sixteen – Righteous Groove
Bisweed & Chaozlevel – Righteous Melodica

Strictly Dub Records are back with a new single Righteous Groove, featuring the unmistakable vocals of reggae legend Earl Sixteen. Label boss Simon Chaozlevel has come up with another top single featuring his trademark edgy production sound.

If you know Simon’s previous release, the excellent None Shall Escape  then you will be familiar with the Strictly Dub vibe. This single is no different, the instrumental side is quite mechanical sounding, quite sparse, industrial and electronic. Once you pair this with a singer of Earl Sixteen’s quality you get a reggae release that says, ‘this is 2016, reggae is alive and kicking and sounds great in our hands’.

The B-side features young Estonian musician, Bisweed on melodica and Simon on mixing duties. This track sounds a little more spacey, one of those qualities that the melodica brings. Some nice echoes add to this calmer more spiritual sounding track. Bisweed is an interesting character, as well as being a melodica master he is a dubstep DJ and seems to be much in demand. You can feel the dubstep influence, I am far from an expert but it does remind me a touch of Burial and his inner city soundscapes.

Have a listen below to a clip from the Strictly Dub Records Soundcloud page. You can pre-order this rather fine Jamaican – Estonian mash up directly from Unearthed. No doubt it will hit your favourite retailer before long.

Please share this review and let me know in the comments what you think, does this live up to None Shall Escape?

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