Nubian Records - Black Roots, Move On EP

Black Roots – Move On EP

1. Move On, 2. Move Along (Dub), 3. Move On (featuring Jah Garvey), 4. Move On (Extended Mix), 5. Move Away (Dub) – Nubian Records, Digital Download

Pencilled in for a 22nd August release is a reworked re-issue of ‘Move On’ from Bristol based reggae legends Black Roots. Originally released in 1981 this was their first vinyl release, under the anonymous title ‘4 Track Demo 12’. The quality shone through as the track was played by legendary DJ god and champion of great music John Peel on his Radio 1 show. This exposure helped establish the band and contributed to the success of their debut album ‘Black Roots’.

The next ten years saw Black Roots grow their reputation as a great live band and they were also active in the studio releasing several albums. In 1993 all went quiet until in 2004 French label Makasound released a compilation of the band’s first two albums on a CD called ‘On The Frontline’. On the back of this resurgence of interest, the band played some live shows in France. There was another pause in their career until 2012, when Bristol Archive Records approached the band and offered to re-release some more of their back catalogue. First to be released was a compilation of the band’s singles called ‘The Reggae Singles Anthology’. This helped to kick start the band back into action and in April 2012 they recorded new material for an album ‘On The Ground’, which was co-released by Sugar Shack Records and Nubian Records. Further albums were produced including ‘On The Ground in Dub’ and ‘Ghetto Feel’ and ‘Son Of Man’ for French label Soulbeats.

So 35 years on from the release of that first single, the band decided to revisit the track and in their words ‘bring it back into the studio some 35 years on to rework it, redefine it, modernise the sound’. The release is a five mix digital download produced by Jeff Spencer and the band, and mixed by Louis Beckett. As part of the modern update one of the tracks features Jah Garvey, an upcoming Bristol artist whose smooth lyrical style fits in very nicely.

As the name suggests ‘Move On’ is about a relationship that has broken down, in which the man realises that his partner has fallen in love with someone else and that he feels that he has no choice but to ‘Move On’. A situation that I am sure many of us have been through at some stage of life. It’s one of those fundamental relationship dilemmas, move on and let it go or fight to get them back?

This is a good single, I do like it. It has a nice gentle swing to it, an introspective, melancholic tune to match the sad subject. Track two, ‘Move Along Dub’ is especially good. It’s understated and subtle, as you definitely don’t want a big booming bass overload while chilling out thinking of lost love!

Check out the cool video below and snippets are available from the Nubian Records Soundcloud site. The tracks are released on the 22nd August and are available for pre-order from iTunes and Google Play.

Please share this if you can, let’s spread the good music word. Bless, Paper Lion

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