Chouette Records - Calling For Roots 12"

Chouette Records – Calling For Roots 12″

A1 – Calling For Roots – Danny Red
A2 – Calling For Dub – Douglas Wardrop
A3 – Dub – Douglas Wardrop
B1 – Wicked Run Away – Sandeeno And King General
B2 – Melodica – Chazbo
B3 – Wicked Dub Away – Conscious Sounds

Unlike many of the people behind the records I have reviewed recently, Tom Chouette the founder of Chouette Records, came into the business in a more unconventional way. The majority of those I speak to are either musicians, have production and sound technology skills or run sound systems. This I would imagine, makes the step into releasing records relatively easy as you have skills to contribute to the process (although I know a lot of hard work is still involved!).

Tom was more of a fan of the music and was smitten by sound system culture when in 1998 he first heard the mighty Shaka in Geneva. A curiosity grew over the years about the music business and after getting advice from friends, his thoughts turned to releasing some of his own sounds. This year the Chouette Records story really gathered pace when a few months back he contacted Dougie at Conscious Sounds. Dougie worked on a deep rootsy riddim for him and as luck would have it Sandeeno was at the studio and they added a vocal track. As it all started to come together Tom worked with other musicians including Danny Red, until finally he decided that the tracks where ready for a vinyl release. Tom described to me how he felt about the experience, ‘I can’t play any instrument but I know what I like and to my surprise many people accepted to work with me, even if I’m totally unknown in this business, I’m feeling blessed and lucky.’

You may well have heard this excellent tune already and it is no surprise that it has been played by some of the big sound systems like Channel One. In a nice twist of fate, the story has come full circle with the single being played by Shaka himself! I love Tom’s story and it shows that you don’t have to be musically skilled to make some waves in the record business. There is indeed hope for all us novices and I think it will spur me on to satisfy my personal ambition to release records. Tom sums it up nicely ‘when you do things with passion and humility, and seriously, anything can happen’. Big respect to Tom and his attitude and the work he has put into this release, it’s one of my favourites and fully deserves your support.

You can listen to tracks at Tom’s Soundcloud site and the single is available from all good retailers including Jah Waggys.

Have you got a story to tell about how you got into the business, let me know in the comments below or Facebook me. As always a share would be appreciated! Bless, Paper Lion

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