Mungo's Hi Fi

Mungo’s Hi Fi new 7″ releases

A. Mungo’s Hi Fi ft Shanti D & Ranking Levy – Total Disaster
B. Mungo’s Hi Fi – Disastrous dub

A. Mungo’s Hi Fi ft Ranking Joe – Snap A Selfie
B. Mungo’s Hi Fi ft Cheshire Cat – Roll with no vampire

‘Limited edition of 500’, a string of words that is guaranteed to fill me with panic! I have always been a marketing person’s dream when it comes to music, I used to buy every version of those singles that I liked, whether it be pink vinyl, double pack 7″, picture disc, you name it I bought it. I think it comes from the passion for music, you don’t want to miss out on that definitive version of a song that was included as track four of the second 12″. It could also come from that ‘collector’ mentality that many of us have, that desire to have shelves and shelves of records. Many we don’t even have the time to listen to, but at least we own them. Both of these I am trying very hard to get over and cure my addictions by buying quality rather than quantity!

Dumbarton Rock

So onto these two Mungo’s Hi Fi releases, two singles limited to 500 (eek), no re-press, no digital, no pressure, but yes I had to buy them. Mungo’s Hi Fi, will I am sure be familiar to you as the Scottish based sound system and production team. With their Scotch Bonnet record label, they have a back catalogue of excellent releases and very much follow their own idiosyncratic path. These singles are on their new Dumbarton Rock imprint, their website describes it as ‘a brand new rub-a-dub label which pays homage to the foundation masters while bringing a breath of fresh air to them. It is named after the ancient capital of Alt Clud, the last stronghold of the Britons, frequented by King Arthur, Merlin and St Mungo. Now Mungo has returned with some crucial cuts brought back from Jamaica, featuring live instruments, tape mastering and vocalists with vibes. Ranking Joe, Shanti D, Ranking Levy and Cheshire Cat set a torch to vanity and greed.’

Scotch Bonnet

I have followed these guys for a while now and I am not surprised that the first two Dumbarton Rock singles hit the bulls-eye. Four dubby, dancehall tracks ideal for summer listening, the reason to buy them is that they are excellent, not shelf fillers but turntable staples. Sound samples are below and the singles are available at the Scotch Bonnet online store, but move quick as they will be gone very soon.

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  1. I ordered these two 7″ and can’t wait for them to get here from across the ocean


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