Roots Raid - Weeping and Wailing

Roots Raid – Weeping and Wailing 12″
Berry’s Records
1. Weeping and Wailing, ft Ramon Judah
2. Dub & Wailing, Roots Raid
3. Gulumse, ft Ismail Skhan
4. Brain, Ondubground Remix

I am running out of superlatives for these single reviews, every time I find a new favourite, another comes along and pushes itself to the top of the pile. I suppose it is testament to the talent out there that this conveyor belt of fresh exciting sounds keeps producing. This new 12″ release from Roots Raid on Berry’s Records called Weeping and Wailing is something different and pushes the reggae bar even higher.

Weeping and Wailing is an urban melting pot, you can hear everything from Burial to Asian rhythms, early UB40 to Massive Attack. I love the detail and layers, police sirens, echoes, choppy beats, they all contribute to a wonderfully worked track. The song is topped off by a subtle steppas beat, which transports you to a built up urban street, a European Unfinished Symphony maybe? You can feel yourself observing first-hand the city mayhem.

Once you flip the single you get a totally different take on the riddim. Gulumse featuring the vocals of Ismail Skhan, gives the track a strong Turkish feel and when you add in the Saz (a traditional stringed Turkish instrument) you are transported from Europe to somewhere more exotic. It seems to suggest that wherever you are in the world, it is the same modern-day shit that you have to deal with. The last track sees a more upbeat remix by Ondubground, which lifts the mood and gives you a slither of hope and expectation. Perhaps there is some redemption for all of us on the horizon.

Just to round off the package there is some excellent sleeve artwork by a guy called Tristan Josse, more on Tristan can be found at his website. I love his comic book / dub style.

Check out Weeping and Wailing below in this very cool animated video. More tracks can be heard at the Roots Raid SoundCloud site and details on how to get hold of a copy are on their Facebook page. It’s another excellent reggae single and a must buy, they just keep on coming.

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