Tribe 84 Records - Jah Arise Verse 1

Tribe 84 Records
Violinbwoy feat Dan I – Jah Arise Verse 1 / Thunder Of Justice – 12″
Side A: Jah Arise Verse 1 | Jah Arise Verse 2 | Dub Arise
Side B: Thunder Of Justice | Dub Of Justice

Every so often you notice a name that seems to keep cropping up on social media. Often it is mentioned by those friends you respect the view of and this gives weight to spending some time checking them out. In this case it is Violinbwoy, who features on this new release courtesy of Tribe 84 Records. Officially known as Wojciech Przysiezny, Violinbwoy is a Polish producer and very gifted musician. Unsurprisingly his talents are increasingly sort after in the reggae world.  

This five track 12″, Jah Arise Verse 1, features the talents of Violinbwoy and hits with some heavyweight sounds, it is certainly not for the fainthearted. The A-side tracks have a heavy industrial feel to them, big beats, a stomping riddim, punctuated with Don I’s earnest vocals. This is reggae for the modern age, reggae to make a big social statement. These tracks are serious, no la la la on a Jamaican beach here, but more of an electronic reflection of modern industrial Europe. Don’t take any of this as negative though, they are excellent tracks!

The B-sides strip down the sound and these guys know how to put a dub together, ideal sounds to dance to with your head bowed contemplating this world we live in. Coincidental I know, but these tracks do seem to tap into the sense of uncertainty that a lot of us Europeans are feeling at the moment. All in all it’s worth picking up and will be a good addition to anyone’s vinyl collection.

More on Tribe 84 Records and details on how to buy the single can be found at their website. Further information about Violinbwoy can be found on Facebook. One last special mention to the Tribe 84 t-shirts as pictured in the photo above, lovely design and these will also be coming to the website soon.

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