Archetype Records Beat Down Babylon

Archetype Records – Beat Down Babylon 7″

Hailing from Metz in France, Archetype Records are a small label specialising in future dub and deep bass music. They call themselves a DIY label and this ‘just do it’ ethic is so important in music and particularly in reggae. We would be in a much more boring place if people didn’t throw caution to the wind and follow their musical instincts. How many releases have you picked up recently, from small labels releasing records in limited quantities, it’s reggae’s lifeblood!

Archetype Records current release, Beat Down Babylon, is a 7″ single and limited to 400 copies, you even get a poster and paper toy with it. It’s important that the music is good, which it definitely is here, but it is terrific when it is complimented with some well thought out, creative packaging. This paragraph is probably a contradiction, as I know ‘product’ perhaps doesn’t fit in with the deep religious vibes of reggae. But to survive in a tough industry these guys have to set themselves apart and distinctive packaging is one way to do it.

Beat Down Babylon

So what about the music? Beat Down Babylon features a mystic sounding dub built by the Shimana Sound System and features I-Rebel on vocals. It’s an interesting mix of conscious lyrics, mystic flute and big bassline, the track sort of lectures you, it’s a religious lesson on the evils of Babylon. If you want further convincing, check out the animated video below.

The Archetype guys put it best themselves, ‘We try to share our epic vision of this music. Dub is not only about Jah, dub is a cinematic music full of warriors and heroes. We want to build real universe around music, that’s why we make video animation to bring our characters to life.’ I like the sound of heroes, we all have our own. My reggae hero is Peter Tosh who for me symbolises the struggle, the independence and fight for social justice that runs through reggae’s core.

In my book, music + a message + creativity + cool design = an excellent single. This release has it all, so please support Beat Down Babylon. For more details about the label and where to pick up the 7″, visit the Archetype Records Bandcamp site.

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