Ital & Vital - Magma 7"

Ital & Vital featuring Camila Monasterio – Magma
Alchemy Dubs 7″

Magma by Ital & Vital is the first in a series of three 7″s from the Alchemy Dubs label and without doubt it is one of the most beautiful reggae tracks I have heard. Each of the trilogy will feature a different guest musician but keeping the melodica as it’s heart and soul. The two writers, mixers and producers who make up Ital & Vital, are Spanish duo Oscar Pablos ‘Ojah’ and friend and long time collaborator Santi Mijarra ‘Puppa Shan’.

On first listen the Magma instrumental A-side has a seriously melancholic feel to it, you pick up a sense of loss and longing for something. When Camila Monasterio’s beautiful melodica kicks in that sense of missing is enhanced, it’s like the instrument is calling out for something or someone. Perhaps a lost love or lost life. These two tracks are sonically beautifully crafted, these guys have talent. They mention in their press release that they ‘deal with music created on a vibe, made with love and dedication’, you can feel this intent coming out of your speakers. The only downside is that the single does leave you wanting more, not sure I can wait for the next two instalments! In fact how about giving us a twenty minute Magma mix to keep us going?

Each single is limited to 500 and of course is vinyl-only. It’s a lovely product with hand-stamped and hand-numbered sleeves. It’s cool when labels really think about how their creations are presented, it certainly increases the anticipation and makes it special when the package hits your doormat. Have a listen below at the clips and fall in love with Alchemy Dubs.

You can pick up the single from the Rewind Forward website, it won’t be around for long!

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