Dreadwise Music - Violence and Crime

Gra8755, I-Mitri – Violence and Crime
Dreadwise Music 7″

Nottingham based Dreadwise Music have their second 7″ single ‘Violence and Crime’ in the pipeline and due for release very soon. The vinyl only single featuring the Biscuit Tin Sound System and I-Mitri is proper serious dread music and one of those indispensable 7″s.

This is contemplation music, sounds to make you think about this crooked society we live in. The B-side ‘Version and Crime’ is a pretty damn perfect reggae track. It’s atmospheric with an industrial edgy feel to it, and has weaved it’s way to the top of my favourite singles of the year.

Check out their SoundCloud site for clips, and for ordering head to the Dreadwise Music website. I think this one is going to be popular so pick it up quick.

Bless, Paper Lion

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