Dubateers - Dubplate Attack

Dubateers and Friends – Dubplate Attack
Digital Download and CD release

Due out very soon on download and CD is Nick Dubateers next epic dub selection. Nick has been carving out his own take on dub since the inception of The Dubateers back in 2004. This twenty one track salute to his mixing and production talents is a great showcase for his particular take on modern UK digi dub.

This eclectic mix of tracks kicks off with two 80s style electro dub versions of Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’. Not what I was expecting when I fired this album up, but the versions do work. You can’t go wrong with the tune, it is an overused term but ‘Beat It’ is a modern classic and Nick has added enough reggae effects to satisfy the dub head. It is an excellent combination of old and new which seems to be the theme for this album, retro synth meets digi dub.

Roots Power

The album does like to wrong foot you and the next track ‘Roots Power’ certainly did that to me. I was not expecting a strong soul power ballad! It is a big song with big chords, big bass and big vocals from the immensely talented El Indio. He has power in his voice and copes well with the scope of this track. The accompanying dub reigns in the track a little, giving us a more regular reggae style.

By track five ‘Hola Medi’, a more conventional digi dub track, you start to get the feeling that this album is Nick having a whale of a time bringing in a multitude of influences and styles. This is a serious raid on his record collection.  A special mention to the vocals of Singer Blue on this track, he has an excellent expressive voice, up there with the likes of Max Romeo and Horace Andy.


My favourite tune of the collection is ‘Production’ featuring the vocals of the excellent Brother Culture, check out his track Sound Killer if you are not familiar with his work. This is a grittier, dirtier track, proper street dub. Add in a couple of dubs, one with possibly the longest echo I have heard on a reggae track (and who doesn’t like a bit of echo in their reggae!) and you have three tracks that would make a killer 12″ single release. How about that Nick, I would love to hear that bass on vinyl?

Finishing off the collection in a similar vein to the way it started is ‘Monster It’. Another very synthy track, with an 80s New Wave feel to it, think Kraftwork meets Human League meets dub. But it is good, it skips along at pace with the two dubs adding in the regulation reggae take.

The fact that the album features many different musical styles and includes loads of dubs indicate that this is very much a producer’s album, it shows off the mixing desk skills that Nick undoubtedly has. He is a well respected figure on the scene and has been around long enough to be allowed to indulge himself in this eclectic, ruff and tuff collection. Here at Reggae Roots Review we say long may it continue, push the boundaries and bring it on Nick.

You can check out samples via the SoundCloud link below. The album is available on download via iTunes and the CD is coming soon, more info will be on the Dubateers website.

You can read more about the Dubateers and Nick’s work in my feature on Frenemy, featuring vocals from Carl Meeks, the Dubateers very first 7″ release.

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