I&I&I Music - St George

I&I&I Music – St George 12″
1 Ras Hassen Ti ‘St George’
2 Sista Aude ‘Jah Kingdom’
3 Far East ‘St George’s Cavalcade’
4 Jah Massive All Stars ‘Dragon Slayer Dub’

Music & Mix By Jah Massive All Stars
Executive Producer Far East

Hot on the heals of one of Reggae Roots Review’s favourite recent singles, I&I&I Music’s Love Jah featuring the silky vocals of Sista Aude, comes a four track 12” themed around dragon slayer extraordinaire, St George. For those of you not familiar with I&I&I Music they are Far East, Ras Hassen Ti and Sista Aude, a tight-knit French group who share writing, singing and playing duties.

St George the Dragon Slayer

The story begins with a riddim called Dragon Slayer which featured on a track by Jah Massive. Producer Far East heard the riddim and this sparked the idea of basing tracks around this hypnotic dub and incorporating some of the mythology around St George and his dragon slaying. Besides being the patron saint of England I didn’t really know much about St George. I was very surprised to know that he was in fact a real person, a Roman soldier born in the third century. After refusing to renounce his Christian faith and worship Roman gods, he was executed and the legend of St George the martyr was born. The dragon is thought to be a representation of Satan and it is the spiritual story behind St George and the battle of good versus evil that interested the I&I&I trio.

Spiritual Songs

Track one ‘St George’, like all the tracks, uses the Dragon Slayer riddim as a base. Ras Hassen Ti and Sista Aude’s lyrics turn this into a middle eastern sounding spiritual song, drawing from the roots of St George, he was thought to have been raised in Palestine. The song has a very comforting feel, it makes even heathens like me feel that there could be a protector out there. Track two features the vocals of Sista Aude, she has a very particular style, quite clipped and melodic, and the angelic quality of her voice suits the religious story of the track.

Track three features Far East’s melodica solo which he composed himself.  I must write something on the influence of the melodica on reggae, it’s an odd instrument but it does seem to fit roots reggae. Perhaps modern-day hosts of angels would have melodica rather than trumpets?  The final track is the original riddim laid bare in a mix by Jah Massive himself. Plenty of bass and low enough to rattle the gates of hell.

Have a listen below, it is an excellent set, nice and varied and it does showcase the trios talents. Far East, Ras Hassen Ti and Sista Aude all bring something to the mix, it is a worthy follow-up to ‘Love Jah’ and it is exciting to think what they will come up with next. How about and I&I&I album guys?

The single will be out mid June but you can pre-order a copy now direct from Far East.

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