Dubbing Sun - Time Soon Come

Bunnington Judah meets Dubbing Sun & FullDub – Time Soon Come 7″

In the second of my occasional series of posts focusing on singles that have gone under the radar, I present the beautiful red 7″ vinyl release, ‘Time Soon Come’ from Dubbing Sun Records.

I don’t know much about these guys, but checking them out on their website they describe themselves as ‘An Austrian producer duo, specialized in combining the music genres of Dub, Roots and Steppers.’ Gertze, Dubvid and Strav form the core of Dubbing Sun and they describe their music as ‘A unique selection of different cultural instruments, fused with the sythiesounds of today, makes their sound so fresh and real. With deep settled basslines founded for catchy melodies under indian influences, thats the spirit Dubbing Sun is going to deliver to you.’

Time Soon Come

When you hear the single ‘Time Soon Come’, it’s difficult to disagree with the line about catchy melodies, I do think that is what sets this single apart from many reggae releases. When I tell friends and colleagues about my blog and my love for reggae, I do get the occasional remark that reggae is boring and too repetitive!  I suppose that is one of the reasons why Bob Marley’s Legend is the one reggae record non reggae fans will have in their collection. His music is accessable and above all very melodic and this appeals to listeners who have been brought up on a diet of pop and rock. It’s not a criticism, you can’t make people like a certain type of music. Even the open minded have something that grates, so don’t ever play me Country music!

The single ‘Time Soon Come’ is certainly catchy, it has a strong melody, emotive chord changes that you don’t usually hear in reggae, expressive vocals (I love Bunnington Judah’s vulnerable style) and it’s red vinyl, what’s not to love! Have a listen below to the YouTube clip, you won’t be able to get it out of your head, so altogether now…… ‘Fire burn fire burn wicked one, you got to run you got to run, judgement a come…… Fire burn fire burn wicked one, you got to run you got to run, judgement a come……………..’

Copies of ‘Time Soon Come’ maybe difficult to track down, but not impossible, at time of writing discogs have some stock. You can also hear the rest of the Dubbing Sun output at their SoundCloud site, these guys are well worth checking out.

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