I-David, Mr Bassie, Behold the Father - Dub-O-Matic

I-David, Mr Bassie, Ras Ibex, Michael Exodus ‎– Behold the Father
Limited edition 12″ single
Dub-O-Matic Records

It’s very grounding to hear a proper biblical reggae set, something very spiritual and divine. This new limited 12″ from Michael Exodus’ Dub-O-Matic label contains four tracks of uplifting roots reggae.

Michael is producer and dub master for the Rome based Dub-O-Matic label, he describes his particular style as ‘electronic sounds mixed with the roots reggae and dub, which blend with synthetic rhythms to create a style.’ With a number of singles under his belt featuring collaborations with artists such as Ras and Mykha LucaDread and performances with international artists such as Danny Red, Macka B, Jonah Dan, Iration Steppas, Brother Culture, Alpha Steppa, Panda Dub, Weeding Dub and Dub Judah, Michael is truly flying the flag for Italian reggae.

His latest single, Behold the Father, as I said is very biblical in sound, it almost sounds like a set of hymns. Perhaps it is the melodica that gives it that spiritual edge, I don’t know if it’s the association with reggae, but the melodica can have a very angelic quality. I do find that if it is overused it can grate, but in this instance it is a soft and settling sound. All four mixes on this 12″ are very hypnotic, each features something different to hook you. Mr Bassie’s ‘Behold the Father’ A-side has the emotive lyrics, Ras Ibex’s ‘Human Dignity’ has the cool vocal style, I-David’s ‘Behold the Lodica’ has the heavenly take, whilst Michael’s ‘Exodus’ has the dub effects. Have a listen at the clip below, just light up, immerse yourself and enjoy.

You can pick up a copy of this excellent single from the Dub-O-Matic discogs site, remember that it is a limited press, so be quick!

Bless the melodica!

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