Indica Dubs - Danman, The Wisest Live Long

Danman – The Wisest Live Long / Indica Dubs & Forward Fever – Menelik I Dub, 10″ Vinyl

Picture the scene, you have just got home from a cracking night of sound system action and you need something musical to keep that vibe going. You flick through your vinyl, and as good as it all is, it seems a little light for your mood. Step forward the ‘The Wisest Live Long’, the latest gem from London based label Indica Dubs.

This new four track 10″ is heavy, dirty and has some serious attitude. Title track ‘The Wisest Live Long’ features classic toasting style vocals from Danman and the raw production gives it that authentic sound system feel. Have a listen to the clip below, I am sure you will agree that the steppas beat will keep you dancing all night!

Alpha & Omega

Sukh, producer and label owner has built up a very respectable back catalogue of tunes, with the highlight being his recent Alpha & Omega album release, featuring new and unreleased dubplates. The project involved going through archive Alpha & Omega DAT tapes from 1991-2015 and the resulting killer ten track selection was recently released as a limited vinyl press of 500 copies. It also saw the famous ‘Who Jah Bless’ by Nishka, which never saw vinyl release, available as a companion 7″ with vocal and dub mixes.

Check out the Indica Dubs site for releases including their top notch back catalogue. ‘The Wisest Live Long’ is available now on 10″ vinyl and digital versions.

Indica Dubs are another small label producing great new reggae, support them if you can.

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  1. […] working the mic for the mighty Iration Steppas for the last couple of years, and has popped up on many releases from small independent labels as guest vocalist. But what is great about this album, is that a man […]


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