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Tablet Records – Ranking Fox ‘Behold’

My Facebook feed is awash with links to new singles and reggae tunes, some not to my taste, some good and some really really good. Behold, due for release late January is one that falls into the ‘really really good’ category.

Having an inquisitive nature I like to know more about the music that pricks my interest. Tablet Records initially seemed a little elusive; they don’t have much of a web presence bar some online shops that stock their earlier 12” releases. Thanks to the wonders of Facebook I managed to get in touch with the boys behind the release, Flo and Simon, and learnt a little about how they got into reggae.

School friends

Flo and Simon were two friends from school and live in Rouen, Northern France. They were drawn together by a shared interest in reggae records. Leaving school their first foray into the reggae industry involved running small dances, things changed when Simon built his studio.

In 2007 Simon started his first label Digital Rockers with melodica player Far East (heavily played notably by Shaka and Channel One at the time). Flo was in London at the time and launched second label Vibescreator Records as an executive producer.

Tablet Records

When Flo moved back to France in 2010 they built their sound system and since then they have been doing dances all over France, Germany and the UK. Later that year they launched the Tablet records imprint which is exclusively focused on production from Simon’s Nyabin Studio.

They have released three 12″ singles on this label, and Behold is the first 7″ release. Composed, mixed and arranged by Simon at Nyabin Studio, the single features vocals by Ranking Fox. It’s 100% produced by Simon with a little help from Dub Foundry in Belfast for the recording of Ranking Fox.

So how does it sound?

The first thing that strikes me, perhaps it is the French influence, is that the backing musicians have a touch of French street music about them. That lively, free sounding music explosion is what really makes this single and once you add in the excellent vocals and a pacey bouncy rhythm, you get a very uplifting roots track. I can see this track being a festival favourite this summer.

You can hear a clip at their SoundCloud site and it is excellent stuff. Behold is due for release at the end of January, it’s definitely one I will add to my collection.

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