Conscious Youth

Conscious Youth release their first collection of infectious dub tracks, ‘Dub for Social Change’, all wrapped up in a strong social message.

Hailing from Manchester in the UK, Conscious Youth are a collective with a message. Formed with members of Black Star Dub Collective and Manchester’s dub organisers Dub Reaktion, Conscious Youth started with the primary intention of being a studio project producing political digital dubs. Feeling inspired by sound system culture and the need to express their discontent with the social situation across the world, Conscious Youth produced this ‘Dub for Social Change’ collection.

This first set available via their Bandcamp site, features ten tracks of heavy steppas dub. Conscious Youth wear their messages on their sleeves, following the true spirit of reggae as protest music. First track ‘Education’ highlights the failings of the English education system. I can empathise fully with that, as for most of us school was not the gilded public school system and Oxbridge, it was a production line. School leavers left full of pointless information and no practical skills. The track is a heartfelt plea for the proper development of a child’s skills and dreams, things can be so much better!

‘Knowledge Through Nature’ is my favourite, a sitar driven melody gives the track an eastern feel and also seems to feature slithers of On-U and Dub Syndicate. ‘Onwards and Upwards’ lightens the sound and brings in some nice female vocal harmonies. The harmonies give the strong message of fighting against the established lies for a positive future, a velvet glove.

Each track is coupled with a well constructed dub version, with enough bass to satisfy the most hardened of dub monkeys amongst you. If you like your steppas then I am sure you will take something away from this set, ten strong tracks, clear social messages, a winning combination.

The tracks are available to buy at their Bandcamp site; I like their ‘name your price’ ethos, it seems to fit in with the ideals of the group. Support Conscious Youth if you can, its guys like this who keep the reggae sound alive.

Please share this if you can, blogs like this can only survive through your support, Bless.

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