Vin Gordon - Red Blood

Vin Gordon – Red Blood 7″ release, the first single from the new Selection Train label.

I caught the last half hour this week of Norwich’s Future Radio weekly reggae show. It was some kind of serendipitous moment as I heard this excellent first release from the Selection Train label. With the wonders of modern technology, a few clicks on the tablet and a beautiful pristine copy of the single hit my doormat on the Friday. Who says online digital files are more immediate than the old-fashioned Royal Mail route!

Vin Gordon

For those of you not familiar with Vin Gordon , to say he is one of reggae’s ‘greats’ is a massive understatement. He is the most prolific Jamaican trombonist and has played with everyone from Bob Marley to Aswad and Burning Spear to Max Romeo. In fact, you will have an album he has contributed to in your collection, I guarantee! Such classics as ‘War Ina Babylon’, ‘Exodus’, ‘Super Ape’ and ‘King Tubby Meets the Rockers Uptown’ have been touched by his incredible horn arrangements and his peerless playing.

His pedigree goes some way to explaining why this is such a must buy single. This new arrangement mixed by the great Nick Manasseh is a magical blend of spooky trombone and a steady muddy bass skank, it almost sound like a march of the dead. Whilst the B side contributes a skeleton crunching dub version. Have a listen below as I don’t think my words do it justice!

Selection Train

Selection Train is a record label recently launched by long time selector and roots stalwart Jerry ‘Perilous’ Davies. Perilous began his selecting career as a founder member of Solution Sound System. He branched out to DJ independently, working with some of the best sound systems and promoters such as Tighten Up, Reggae Roast, Rebel Lion Soundsystem, Roots FM, The Jazz Cafe, NTS Radio, Sofrito, Reggae Rockers to name but a few. In recent years Perilous has taken the steps into online music blogging and begun concentrating on building a solid production studio involving other talented artists and musicians. This Vin Gordon single seems to be just the start and according to the Selection Train website, “Expect more sound system-centric releases with the emphasis on real music with an upfront edge”.

Well that does it for me, if they can match ‘Red Blood’ then there is some exciting stuff in the pipeline I am sure. You can contact Selection Train at and you can order a copy of this first release at their Discogs site. It’s limited to 500 copies so get one while you can.

Please share this if you can, much love for those who spread the Reggae Roots Review word!

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