Deliver Us - Neville Grooves

Deliver Us, a new single from Easybeat Productions

Yesterday was a long old day and this post may be heavily influenced by a lack of sleep!

Norfolk is a lovely County to live in, culture, heritage, nature in abundance and it is not as completely inaccessible as some people think. London is a couple of hours away, but it is the getting back that is usually the problem. Yesterday I took part in a very interesting Blog Masterclass organised by The Guardian but the 9:30pm finish and the crap trains contributed to me walking through the door at 1:45am.

But thanks to Mark Solution I have an antidote to the tiredness and the slightly fuzzy head. I met Mark at Pure Vinyl Records in Brixton (more info on that great little shop and the ever helpful Jah Lingwa here). Mark was kind enough to give me a review copy of his new single ‘Deliver Us’ which has just been released on his Easybeat Productions label.

It is a seriously hypnotisingly good track. A nice vocal version from Neville Grooves kicks of the twelve, but it is the seductive dubs that really do it. If ever there was a label name that matched the tracks it is this. Easybeat Productions by name Easybeat by nature.

A very slow chinking guitar, a simple bassline and some of the most beautiful horns I have heard on a reggae track, really do propel this set to the realm of top class. It’s probably my favourite single of the year so far and that is praise considering some of the great stuff that has been released so far in 2015. (I must do some top tens come Christmas….)

You can get in touch with Mark via his website, the vinyl is out now and the digital version is available from the 16th October, you can buy it directly from Mark for seven quid.

Pick it up it’s so so beautiful…..


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