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Horus Records release a new 7″, Shaka Blacks’s Righteous Day.

Horus Records is one of those labels I have an instant affinity with. An innocuous post on Facebook linked their forthcoming single ‘Righteous Day’ and it was love at first click. It brought to my attention another excellent label, run by passionate reggae people.

Due for release very soon, ‘Righteous Day’ features the vocals of Montserrat born Shaka Black. This is Horus Record’s sixth release and using their authentic analogue production trickery, they have come up with a roots number that wouldn’t be out-of-place booming from the speakers of a 70s London record shop. Anyone who has seen the film Babylon, can probably picture the scene.

Reading about the label you can see that owners Will & Ben, in the best traditions of reggae music, are passionate producers. In their own words they are heavily influenced by the sonic approach of 70s reggae and the equipment they use has been built and collected to help create that classic feel.

This is very evident in my favourite Horus release ‘Far As I Can See’ from The Breadwinners. Eight minutes fifteen of dark, brooding classic roots. The vocals are full of feeling and expression and if like me you visualise music tracks, you can see the singer, sitting alone in a bar reminiscing about life over a distant roots soundtrack.

What I love about this label is that they do things ‘properly’. Their ethos of recording and releasing great music in an authentic way is very refreshing. Even their branding and sleeve design adds to the overall quality of this label. With young guys like Will & Ben running labels and releasing stunning music, you know reggae is in really safe hands.

Horus Record releases can be heard and bought at their Bandcamp page, have a listen, buy something and help support our scene.

There are plenty of great small labels out there, who are your favourites?

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