After the City by Iyahkayah Yahnahyanh

Iyahkayah Yahnahtanah’s new single After the City

Since starting this blog I have found it pretty amazing how much new reggae is appearing each month, much more than I was expecting to see. Most of this seems to be driven by small labels releasing tracks digitally and in limited vinyl runs. It’s those vinyl releases that get me excited, it can’t just be me who still gets a kick from hearing a great single and having the buzz of owning a limited issue 7” or 12”!

The original plan was for this blog to focus on reissues but there is too much interesting stuff out there to be that prescriptive. Opening it out to new artists has enabled me to link up with label owners, artists and promoters from around the world. This has helped me hit my first blog target, which was to become a small part of the promotion of this wonderful music called reggae.

The latest track to come on to my radar and push it’s way to the front of my playlist is released by Leicester based Mid Dawn Records. Produced and composed by Dubspector, with vocals and lyrics by Iyahkayah Yahnahtanah, After the City is a great track, it sounds so fresh and modern but still keeps that essential conscious reggae sound. It’s well produced, the musicianship sounds excellent and it even has a very professional looking video.

This is Mid Dawn’s first release and I believe an Iyahkayah Yahnahtanah album is on the horizon, that is worth looking forward to.

I hope you can support the label and artist, if you like the track then a couple of clicks on Amazon and it can be yours for less than half the price of a cup of coffee!

Check out the video below and let me know what you think of the single in the comments.


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