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I dropped into Brixton’s Pure Vinyl Records yesterday, what a great little shop!  Situated a few yards from Brixton tube station in the Reliance Arcade, this shop is a little gem and well worth a visit if you are in the area.

I met Markie, partner of the owner Claudia who was very helpful and friendly. It’s one of my bugbears that when you visit some second-hand record shops the service is really poor, not even getting an acknowledgement or a hello when you enter is not good. Surely in this tough business you want to encourage buyers back, makes sense to me?

Markie was a nice guy, happy to play some singles that he thought I might like and I came out with a new 12″, Stop the Wars by Ras Teo on Roots Youths Records. A nice roots track, one of those soundsystem singles that gets the whole room dancing.

They had a good selection of second-hand reggae plus some local new releases, they also stock hip-hop and funk. Give them a visit, it’s well worth it and support London’s latest vinyl shop.

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