Randy's Dub LP 2015 reissue

Originally released in 1975 this Clive Chin produced dub album has overtime built itself a reputation as a ‘lost classic’. Less than 200 LPs were actually pressed on release and it was not until the advent of YouTube that these dubs started to surface again. Thanks to OnlyRoots Records Randy’s Dub sees a long overdue repress.

Producer Clive Chin was one of the original dub pioneers. He worked at his father’s record store; the legendary Randy’s and progressed to mixing desk duties in the attached Randy’s Studio 17. Success followed with Augustus Pablo collaborations and the development of Pablo’s Eastern influenced reggae sound. In 1973 Chin produced Java Java Dub which he claimed was the first dub album and he followed that a couple of years later with Randy’s Dub.

On first play you are hit by the stripped down bare sound, the lack of echo and effects favoured by Chin’s peer King Tubby is very evident. The bass & drums carry the sound and give it an upbeat feel, polar opposite to the more dense dub sound that came out of other studios at that time. The sound is so stripped down that the tracks would be excellent learning material for budding reggae bass and drum students. It is easy to hear the component parts and understand how these tracks were put together.

You will more than likely recognise some of the rhythms as the arrangements feature reggae royalty Sly Dunbar and Aston Barrett. Amongst the ten excellent tracks my favourites would be Dubwise Situation with it’s catchy, melodic horns and Last of the Jestering with it’s ‘dub blues’ feel to it.

It is so important albums like this are unearthed and reissued, as it does help fill in some of the missing links in dub’s lineage. It is available now from OnlyRoots or Jah Waggys on 180 grams of pure vinyl gold.

Leave me a comment and maybe include the name of your favourite dub album, bless.

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