Partial Records - GT Moore - Everton Chambers

Everton Chambers, I Can Feel 10″ 1. I Can Feel, 2. Feel and Strong Version, 3. Love is my Armour – S’Kaya, 4. Dem Nah Care About

Dub Partial Records, PRTL10006A

GT Moore, Jerusalem 7″

Partial Records, PRTL7024

We are big fans of Partial Records at ReggaeRootsReview and here are a couple of cracking new releases to highlight. First up is an Everton Chambers 10″ out at the end of June and available at the Partial Records site. Title track is a speedy digi tune, with Everton’s slightly pleading vocals adding some depth and quality. It’s lyrically strong and would definitely appeal to those of us who like some spirituality in our reggae. I particularly love the line ‘you must know your creator’, that stuck in my head and gave me something to think about. The dub version kicks in with plenty of echo and bass, it’s worth buying just for the dub!

Second single is a little further away and features the next Partial / GT Moore collaboration. This tune is a laid back, melodica led instrumental which was originally released in 1991 on the Jah Works label. The melodica sets the melody and a sweeping piano adds to the lush sound. The B side is a stripped down easy skanking heavy bass workout, blissful stuff!

More gems from Partial, both should be added to your collection, what would we do without labels like this?

Please leave a comment if you can and perhaps let me know your favourite label, that one that keeps bringing out material you love?

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