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In an age when the public is force fed so much musical pap, take a step forward One Direction, good artists are often overlooked. Holy Won is one such artist and although he has flirted with success, he has never had the recognition that his undoubted talent deserves. I hope his new six track EP will change that, he has the songs, the talent, the personality, so surely his time has come?

Holy Won came from humble beginnings growing up in the Grants Pen ghetto in Kingston, Jamaica. Originally known as Daddy Irie and then The Holy Ghost he had some local success with his releases and touring with an act called Father and Son. Although calling the act Father, Son and The Holy Ghost didn’t go down too well with the local church community, hence a name change!

He was briefly propelled onto the international scene when he recorded a song called ‘Prehistoric Daze’ with English pop band Shakespears Sister, for the 1994 Flintstones movie soundtrack. In 2010 he contributed a notable cover of Blur’s ‘Song 2’, (which works surprisingly well as a reggae track!) to Kingston Calling, a reggae/indie compilation. In 2012 he released his debut album Mind Game, which unfortunately  stayed under the radar of the reggae world.

Jump forward to 2015 and Holy Won is back with a new six track EP, due for release on the 31st July (iTunes and vinyl) on Fleshroc Records. Thanks to Tyrone at Fleshroc I have been fortunate to hear the first fruits of the new work and the songs show real depth and maturity. First track ‘Country Road’ sounds like one of those summer crossover tracks, the bouncy digi rhythms transport you to Jamaica, sun, sea and freedom. Whilst stand out track ‘Got to Get Mi Cut’ is a beautiful song, it’s so well crafted and it took me a little by surprise. The sound is less reggae, more of a gentle lo-fi groove which reminds me of French ambient duo Air. The strings drift in and out and together with Holy Won’s soulful vocals it creates a beautiful lush sound. If this track doesn’t make it big then there is seriously no justice!

Look out for this release it’s going to be worth picking up. I will keep you updated with Holy Won’s progress and more news about Fleshroc over the coming months. Perhaps in the meantime re-visit Holy Won’s earlier work and whet your appetite for what is to come.

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  3. I love Holy Wons Mature HD quality unique music!


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