Here at we do have a focus on the past and try to highlight the great back catalogue from reggae’s history. But this post is to bring your attention to a modern artist, Empress Nelly.

Empress Nelly (Janelle Prince) is a songwriter from the US whose style of music incorporates elements of roots & culture, dancehall reggae, R&B and neo soul. Born in 1982, Empress Nelly comes from a family of performers, her mother is an R&B singer and her father a bass player, you can see in her music how their influence has helped shape her sound.

As a young adult, Empress Nelly aspired to become an advocate for youths who found themselves trapped and suffering in drug and crime riddled communities. After she graduated with degrees in Child Psychology and Clinical Social Work, she came to the realisation that ultimately her love for music would be the vehicle that would drive her ambition to reach out to the younger generation. Nelly especially wanted to connect with young girls and women, inspiring them through her music to have a positive outlook on life and empowering them to strengthen their self-worth. Being a wife and mother of two little empresses, this is especially important to her as their role model.

Last March, she officially released her first single ‘Longing for You’. Since then, she has also released another new single ‘You and I’. Nelly is currently hard at work in the studio recording more new songs which would complete the line up on her first EP.

Empress Nelly is a talented young women, please take a few minutes to have a listen to some of her music, particularly if you like some soul in your reggae! We will keep you updated on her career.

Nelly can be contacted at or and you can check out her music via the links below.

Facebook Band Page:
Youtube: https:

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