Capital Letters – Vinyard (CD/LP)

Originally released in a limited run in 1982, this neglected gem from the 80’s UK reggae scene is having a long overdue makeover and reissue. Formed in 1971 in Wolverhampton, Capital Letters are probably best known for the Smoking My Ganja single and the conscious roots debut album Headline News. It’s good to see Capital Letters reformed and on the road as a result of this resurgence of interest in their music..

The LP features the ten tracks from the original release whilst the CD includes some out-takes and a John Peel session. Unfortunately my love of vinyl is up against the desire for those extra CD tracks!

It’s due for release on the 25th May and the track listing is as follows;

1. Muss Muss 2. Murdering Style 3. No Jobs 4. Why 5. Vinyard 6. How Far 7. Baggawolf 8. Old Old Owl 9. Africa Bound 10. Fi Wi Parents (extra CD tracks) 11. Oh Politician 12. What Would You Do 13. Fall In Love Forever 14. How Far Can A Man Run 15. Rasta Seh (BBC John Peel Session) 16. Fire (BBC John Peel Session) 17. Smoking My Ganja (BBC John Peel Session)

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