Restriction, Action 12″ EP
1. Action 2. Four Point Plan 3. Restriction 4. Re-Action
Bristol Archive Records, ARC271V
Release Date – 25 May 15

Originally released for the 2015 Record Store Day by Bristol Archive Records, this Restriction EP is well worth seeking out.

Restriction are one of those bands that Bristol excel at unearthing. This release is a taster for an album of unreleased recordings from the band’s active years of 1982-86. The Action EP was their only release at the time and self financed due to their lack of record deal. Behind the mixing desk was a young engineer who was starting to make a name for himself, the one and only Mad Professor.

The stand out track is Four Point Plan. The rootsy sound and acerbic vocals give it some real punch. Marry that with plenty of horns, some 80’s synth and a bouncy rhythm; it does take you back to the eighties and a time of protest. Hopefully 2015 will, rather belatedly, be their year.

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