One of my favourite recent revive releases is Red Blood by Black Skin the Prophet. It’s a nice if not rather doomy roots track, produced by the late great Prince Far I for his Cry Tuff label.

There is very little information about Black Skin out there on the net, what little I could find was thanks to Natty Dread Magazine (which unfortunately folded in 2010). It seems Black Skin the Prophet is in fact Sonny Washington who as well as recording for Prince Far I, had minor hits with Black Skin on his own label, Them Never Love for Joe Gibbs and Jack Spratt for Clive Chin and Family Man. They all crop up on eBay now and again, although prices for originals can be eye watering. Have a listen to Jack Spratt on YouTube, I do like his vocals and you can’t go wrong with that Soul Rebel riddim.

Black Skin is still alive (or was up to Natty Dread’s posting in 2005). In their interview with him in 2000 he recounted this story about Blood Red. ‘I was living in the country at the time and there was that policeman who was kind of harassing me. One day, I started to have an argument with a bus driver and the policeman arrived, caught me by the dreads and threw me out of the bus. He treated me in a very vicious way just because he had a gun. A few days later I went to the studio to record the tune “Blood red fe Babylon” and I even quote his name in the lyrics: “Blood run out of Beenie’s head”. The policeman loved the tune. Many times I saw him playing it from the juke box of the community!’

Pick it up from the usual sources, it’s one of those tracks that should be in everyone’s collection.

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