10th May 2015

Free Music?

Free music, we all love it don’t we? One of the advantages of Twitter is that it puts you directly in touch with music makers; it breaks down those musician / fan barriers. The relationship in the ‘old days’ was always very remote, unless you bumped into your idol on the street or at a gig you would never get a chance to chat to them.

This morning via Twitter I had a message from
Rags Rudi, a noisy East London ska, hip-hop, funk group with a link to their latest album. It was one of those nice harmonious Twitter moments, I followed them, and they followed me.

The album is well worth a listen, reminds me a little of Fishbone. Lots of horns, a nice ska beat and some punk mentalness thrown in. Check out the download
here, do contribute though, to help guys like this keep going. Free music is great but respect the time and energy groups put into their art, the love of making music doesn’t put food on the table!

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