Reggae Singles Sound Clash - Partial Records - Roots Attack

Reggae Sound Clash OK, I know this isn’t a proper sound clash in the traditional sense. The idea of DJs battling each other with their sounds and dubplates has been an important part of Jamaican music since the clashes became popular in the 1950s. The sound clash can be an emotive subject though, competition and […]

Roots Attack, Showcase Volume 1

Roots Attack – Showcase Volume 1 LP and Digital Download 1 Leroy Brown, Brace Yourself 2 I Fi, One Ripe Cocoa 3 RAAS, Dub Oneself 4 Winston McAnuff, Red Light 5 RAAS, Red Dub 6 Nereus Joseph, Gideon Boot 7 RAAS, Gideon Dub 8 Easton Clarke, He Guides Me 9 I Fi, Ting A Ling 10 RAAS, Dub Guides […]