Sekkle&Cease - Alpha Boys School -

Sekkle&Cease Detroit based Sekkle&Cease have curated a new compilation album with all proceeds going to the legendary Alpha Boys School. They have assembled a talented group of musicians and producers who have contributed some seriously good reggae, dub and electronic instrumentals. Some of it is quite experimental, some quite leftfield, but all the tracks help […]

Hollie Cook - Angel Fire -

It’s good to have Hollie Cook back, you know all is well with the world when Hollie is releasing more of her beautiful, soulful reggae. This new single called Angel Fire, is the first track from her forthcoming album, which is due for release next year on US indie label Merge Records. Youth New label […]

Iseo & Dodosound - Roots in the Air -

Iseo & Dodo Iseo & Dodo are a frightening cool duo from Spain, whose new album on Mundo Zurdo Records, is a lovely collection of graceful and literate digital reggae tunes. What do I know about them? Looking at their profile photos they are a beautiful couple, it also sounds like they are a very […]

Indica Dubs - Jah Guide & Protect-

Warning…. this is going to be one of those blink and its gone releases. Indica Dubs, Alpha & Omega, quality dub reggae, limited LP issue, no digital release, no re-press, yes it has all the elements of one of those albums that will be snapped up very quickly. Don’t say I didn’t warn you….. The […]

Negritage - Greetings From Planet Dub -

Negritage I have been wanting to do a feature on Cyprus based ‘netlabel’ Dubophonic for a while now. I can’t think of anywhere else on the internet where you get a steady stream of top quality new dub releases for free. This new album by Negritage called Greetings From Planet Dub, is a great example […]

Reggae Singles Sound Clash - Partial Records - Roots Attack

Reggae Sound Clash OK, I know this isn’t a proper sound clash in the traditional sense. The idea of DJs battling each other with their sounds and dubplates has been an important part of Jamaican music since the clashes became popular in the 1950s. The sound clash can be an emotive subject though, competition and […]

Trinity - Coral Garden Rock - DA1YAH -

DA1YAH Records – Coral Garden Rock feat Trinity – 10” single Oh 10” single, what a slightly odd thing you are! I am not quite sure whether you are the odd kid in school who never quite fitted in, or the supremely cool kid who was good looking and great at everything. I have a […]