Global Reggae Charts --

Global Reggae Charts An interesting idea this from Felix Ruehling at music promotion company Boomrush. Rather than have a reggae chart based on sales and streaming, have one based on votes from radio and online DJs. The result, it is hoped, is a chart that better reflects ‘what currently matters’ in the global reggae village. […]

Barry Brown - Hot Milk Box Set -

Record Store Day 2015 Cast your mind back to the heady days of 2015. Donald Trump was that guy off The Apprentice and in the UK we spent every day hugging our European neighbours, BREXIT was a bizarre place that only those out with the fairies lived. 2015 was also the year of the 8th […]

Trinity - Coral Garden Rock - DA1YAH -

DA1YAH Records – Coral Garden Rock feat Trinity – 10” single Oh 10” single, what a slightly odd thing you are! I am not quite sure whether you are the odd kid in school who never quite fitted in, or the supremely cool kid who was good looking and great at everything. I have a […]

Danman - Chant Down Babylon -

Danman Fancy some reggae with hints of the 70s and plenty of strong righteous lyrics? Then perhaps ‘Chant Down Babylon’ by Danman could be the album you have been waiting for. This collection of six original tracks and their accompanying dubs is a heavy duty selection, with each track offering a masterful vocal display. Danman […]

Dub for Africa -

Food Crisis and famine in South Sudan, Somalia, Yemen and Nigeria – WARNING – this article is going to be preachy! Oil rich South Sudan is facing a humanitarian disaster which could leave hundreds of thousands of people dying of malnutrition. This is wholly a ‘man made’ disaster and doesn’t that term stick in your […]

Reggae Guide to Record Store Day -

Record Store Day – Saturday 22nd April 2017 What should you look out for as a reggae lover? Here we go again; the annual vinyl jamboree that is Record Store Day. It is an event that divides opinion, on one hand it is a good way of promoting smaller labels and independent record stores; it […]

Road to Zion - Dub Against Blackjack -

Road to Zion Dub Against Blackjack 12” and Digital Download Crazy, adrenalin pumped, mental ska infused electro dub, that was the best way I could think of defining this EP when I first heard it. ‘Dub Against Blackjack’ is the latest output from Italian trio ‘Road to Zion’ and it is fair to say that […]