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How do I submit music to Reggae Roots Review?

Welcome to Reggae Roots Review!

Hi, the most common thing I get asked is “Can you please review my music?”

I do love getting music emails, and to make it a little easier to understand my editorial policy I have put this infographic together to explain. I write this blog in my spare time and time is sometimes at a premium, real life gets in the way!

Have a read and if you have any questions please do get in touch with me at

Bless, Toby

Toby Paper Lion -
Toby aka Paper Lion
How do I submit music to Reggae Roots Review?

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  1. Hello, i’m working for a records company called ¡Ya Basta! Records based in Paris.

    We recently released a track called “Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In” which is a cover from Hair the Musical revisited by Philippe Cohen Solal (Gotan Project) and featuring the great jamaican singer Horace Andy (Massive Attack).

    Here’s a link to listen to the track, i hope you’re going to enjoy it !

    Best regards,



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