Mad Professor meets Channel One

Mad Professor meets Channel One Sound System, Ariwa LP I have too many CDs, that’s my confession…… I went through a period of just wanting to own CDs and making my already big collection, massive. During the late 90s I bought a lot of not very good indie albums on the strength of one ok sounding track. […]

Giving away vinyl promos, do people take advantage? a few thoughts on promotional vinyl….. I caught the tail end of an interesting Facebook discussion yesterday, someone posted that giving away vinyl promos was just helping people to fill up their record collection. I guess they must have had bad experiences in not getting the amount of exposure they […]

AMP Outernational & Jstar - Holy Rastafari

AMP Outernational & Jstar – Holy Rastafari 7” Welcome to the first of an irregular series of posts where I highlight some of those singles that have slipped under the radar. Hopefully they will be new to you and the words ‘sorry mate, we all knew about that one’ won’t echo around the comments section! First […]

Deliver Us - Neville Grooves

Deliver Us, a new single from Easybeat Productions Yesterday was a long old day and this post may be heavily influenced by a lack of sleep! Norfolk is a lovely County to live in, culture, heritage, nature in abundance and it is not as completely inaccessible as some people think. London is a couple of hours away, but […]

Horus Records

Horus Records release a new 7″, Shaka Blacks’s Righteous Day. Horus Records is one of those labels I have an instant affinity with. An innocuous post on Facebook linked their forthcoming single ‘Righteous Day’ and it was love at first click. It brought to my attention another excellent label, run by passionate reggae people. Due for release very soon, ‘Righteous Day’ […]

After the City by Iyahkayah Yahnahyanh

Iyahkayah Yahnahtanah’s new single After the City Since starting this blog I have found it pretty amazing how much new reggae is appearing each month, much more than I was expecting to see. Most of this seems to be driven by small labels releasing tracks digitally and in limited vinyl runs. It’s those vinyl releases that get […]

Pure Vinyl Records

I dropped into Brixton’s Pure Vinyl Records yesterday, what a great little shop!  Situated a few yards from Brixton tube station in the Reliance Arcade, this shop is a little gem and well worth a visit if you are in the area. I met Markie, partner of the owner Claudia who was very helpful and […]