Akinsanya & Mauma G - Kween Naanii - reggaerootsreview.com

Gaama Akinsanya Palmer Kween Naanii (feat Mauma G) Download single This was not the Sunday morning I was expecting. My usual coffee, toast and Match of the Day was interrupted by an email promoting a simple but very jaunty Ska track. The press release piqued my interest, it talked about ‘The Queen of the Maroons’, […]

Feminine Hi-FI

Feminine Hi-Fi, Brazil’s female reggae collective All eyes will be on Brazil in the coming weeks as the Olympic circus arrives in Rio. The politics surrounding the whole event seem to be taking over, with the media focus on drug cheats, the Zika virus and the huge amounts of money spent on sport when it […]

Mungo's Hi Fi

Mungo’s Hi Fi new 7″ releases A. Mungo’s Hi Fi ft Shanti D & Ranking Levy – Total Disaster B. Mungo’s Hi Fi – Disastrous dub A. Mungo’s Hi Fi ft Ranking Joe – Snap A Selfie B. Mungo’s Hi Fi ft Cheshire Cat – Roll with no vampire ‘Limited edition of 500’, a string […]

Reggae in Norway (c reggaerootsreview.com)

Record shops, Reggae and Norway, a guide for the vinyl lover. Holidays, holidays, precious time spent with your family visiting exciting and interesting foreign lands! But we all have that itch, well I do. I can’t go to a foreign country without trying to visit as many record shops as possible, maybe with the hope of picking […]

Frenemy - Dubateers meets Carl Meeks

Frenemy – Dubateers meets Carl Meeks – 7″ single We are back to 2008 and UK digi style dub for the latest feature on my favourite reggae singles. Frenemy was the first 7″ release from East London based The Dubateers. They began as a unit in 2004 with the original crew made up of Nick […]

Mad Professor meets Channel One

Mad Professor meets Channel One Sound System, Ariwa LP I have too many CDs, that’s my confession…… I went through a period of just wanting to own CDs and making my already big collection, massive. During the late 90s I bought a lot of not very good indie albums on the strength of one ok sounding track. […]


Giving away vinyl promos, do people take advantage? a few thoughts on promotional vinyl….. I caught the tail end of an interesting Facebook discussion yesterday, someone posted that giving away vinyl promos was just helping people to fill up their record collection. I guess they must have had bad experiences in not getting the amount of exposure they […]